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A Getaway from Leavenworth -Hotel Rio Vista

Discover the unique Western-style charm of Hotel Rio Vista in Winthrop, a delightful contrast to Leavenworth’s Alpine ambience. Situated along the idyllic Methow River, our hotel offers an exclusive river view experience, inviting you to a world where the rustic allure of the Old West blends seamlessly with the serenity of nature.

Why Choose Hotel Rio Vista

Leavenworth’s enchanting Bavarian theme is magical, yet the allure of a Western retreat at Hotel Rio Vista presents a different kind of enchantment. Swap the Alpine vistas for sweeping river views and the Methow Valley’s open skies, offering a serene and novel escape.

Activities and Attractions in the Methow Valley

Venture beyond the Alpine adventures of Leavenworth to the diverse outdoor activities in the Methow Valley. From serene river walks and eagle watching to the exhilarating experience of cross-country skiing, the Methow Valley enriches your adventure palette with experiences distinct from the mountainous terrains of Leavenworth.

Local Dining & Cultural Experiences

Indulge in a culinary journey that complements Leavenworth’s German-inspired flavors. Winthrop’s dining scene, with its authentic Western flair, offers a variety of tastes from home-style bakeries to gourmet dining, providing a delightful contrast yet a complementary culinary experience.

Easy Access and Directions

The drive from Leavenworth to Winthrop is an experience in itself, showcasing Washington’s diverse landscapes. As you transition from the Alpine scenery to the open valleys and rivers of the Methow, the journey to Hotel Rio Vista becomes a captivating prelude to your Western-style retreat.

hotel rio vista travellers' choice award of 2020


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