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From Spokane to riverside Hotel Rio Vista

From the urban vibrancy of Spokane to the tranquil riverside setting of Winthrop, Hotel Rio Vista offers a refreshing change of pace. Perched by the Methow River, our hotel combines the allure of Western heritage with the serenity of nature, creating a retreat that’s both calming and captivating.

Why Choose Hotel Rio Vista

While Spokane’s city life buzzes with energy, the peaceful ambiance of Hotel Rio Vista along the Methow River presents a soothing alternative. Exchange urban skylines for tranquil river views and the natural beauty of the Methow Valley, perfect for a restful yet invigorating getaway.

Activities and Attractions in the Methow Valley

A journey from Spokane to the Methow Valley opens up a world of nature-driven adventures. From tranquil river fishing and wildlife spotting to active pursuits like mountain biking and snow sports, the Methow Valley offers a diverse range of activities that bring you closer to nature, contrasting with Spokane’s urban setting.

Local Dining & Cultural Experiences

Step away from the city’s culinary scene to savor the unique tastes of Winthrop. With a mix of quaint riverside cafes and fine dining establishments, the dining experience in Winthrop offers a charming and rustic counterpoint to Spokane’s metropolitan eateries.

Easy Access and Directions

Traveling from Spokane to Hotel Rio Vista is more than just a journey; it’s a transition from city life to riverside tranquility. We provide you with scenic routes and travel insights to make your journey as enjoyable as your stay, setting the tone for a memorable escape to the Methow Valley.

hotel rio vista travellers' choice award of 2020


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