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Serene Methow Valley Cabins

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Methow Valley cabins at Hotel Rio Vista, where the beauty of nature meets the charm of Winthrop. Our unique location on main street, combined with the serene backdrop of the river, offers an unparalleled stay. Experience the blend of convenience and picturesque surroundings, exclusive to Hotel Rio Vista in Methow Valley.

Hot tub available by reservation.

Relax in Methow Valley Cabins

At Hotel Rio Vista, our rooms combine bright, clean comfort with western flair, each featuring a private deck overlooking the Methow and Chewuch Rivers. Indulge in the peaceful riverside picnic area for morning coffee or evening wine. Our hot tub, set against stunning river and mountain vistas, offers the ultimate relaxation after a day of outdoor activities in Methow Valley.

Riverside Single Queen Cabins in Methow Valley

Our Riverside Single Queen rooms at Methow Valley cabins offer a picturesque retreat, boasting private balconies with sweeping views of the Methow and Chewuch Rivers and the majestic Cascade Mountains.

Riverside Double Queen Cabins in Methow Valley

In our Riverside Double Queen rooms at Methow Valley cabins, you can soak up the afternoon sun on your private balcony, witnessing the tranquility of local wildlife. Frequent sights include eagles, osprey, hawks, harlequin ducks, and deer, adding a unique touch to your stay

Riverside Single King Cabins in Methow Valley

Experience the ultimate relaxation in our Riverside Single King rooms at Methow Valley cabins, conveniently located near the riverside hot tub. These rooms offer private balconies where you can relish the harmonious sounds of nature and take in the stunning views of the rivers and North Cascades.

Riverside King Deluxe Cabins in Methow Valley

Our Riverside King Deluxe rooms in Methow Valley cabins blend spaciousness and tranquility. They boast stunning views of the river confluence, a comfortable sitting area with a leather sofa sleeper, and private balconies that offer majestic vistas of Mt. Gardner. These are our largest rooms, designed for utmost comfort and luxury.